Kim is a wonderful soloist who communicates the love of Jesus to a broken world through the words she writes to the music she sings. God speaks when Kim sings.
— Wade Mikels, Pastor | Village Church, Burbank, CA

How do you put into words the depth of gratitude for your sacrificial service in leading worship for us at our Elements Bible Study? You bless each one of us with your beautiful voice bringing us into the presence of our loving Abba. Your love for our Father radiates through your very being as you lead us in Praise and Worship. The Holy Spirit uses you in a powerful way to center our hearts and calm our minds to hear what the Lord has for us each day. Thank you seems so inadequate to express my deep appreciation, yet they are the words the Lord has given us to express gratitude. So, thank you Kim for leading us into the presence of God. I am blessed to call you friend and am thankful for the gift of you in my life.
— Dr. Lisa Fox, Ministry and Teaching Leader | Mariners Church, Irvine, CA

Some are called to lead God’s people in joyful procession through songs, hymns and corporate prayer. Kim Dexter is one of those folks. Kim has led our congregation in corporate worship on three occasions. She has consistently demonstrated a love for Christ, a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and a good heart that desires to lead others to glorify our Lord. She leads through the lense of her own experience with God with a combination of her own songs and the songs of the wider church.
As a pastor, knowing the challenge of leading worship with others, especially new leaders, Kim has been a delightful teammate. I can recommend her to you with confidence.
— Ed Bartel, Pastor

Kim is an undiscovered treasure in Christian Music! If you are looking for a girl who loves the Lord and people, who can lead worship through her songs, then I highly recommend Kim Dexter
— Ray Clubb, Pastor